Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Adidas’ new launch – CLIMAcool sports shoes!

Summer has arrived and the sunrays are not into a kind mood anymore. Staying cool would once again be a tough task, especially when you are working out. So, while you peek into shops and brands for the right pair of sports shoes for your running hours, let me take you to something that is already creating a buzz among early morning joggers, the latest Adidas CLIMAcool range.

Launched for both men and women, CLIMAcool is as comfortable as it sounds by its name. As ever, Adidas has designed it perfectly without adding any weight to the sports shoes. Patented CLIMACOOL technology ensures optimal ventilation for your feet, hence making them sweat no more. These shoes are flexible and offer great performance for your workouts.

Adidas CLIMAcool comes in three variations – Seduction, Solution, and Freshride. Seduction model offers blister-free comfort level by minimizing perspiration an effective way. CLIMAcool Solution are meant for longer hours of outdoor activities and come with extra meshwork on this Adidas footwear. Adidas has strategically designed a perforated liner for this model to help it breathe yet more. The third one of the trio, Freshride, is lighter than the rest, intended specifically for running purpose. It sports extensive grip design on the outer sole for this.

The women’s range of Adidas CLIMAcool has been ergonomically designed for women with narrow cut architecture for a comfortable fit. As soon as you drop your feet inside, you can sense the snugly feel. We know well, the standard of Adidas running shoes holds a great reputation among sports shoes in India.

The shoes are available for purchase on online shopping portals as well as across retail outlets. For those Nike fans who wanted more out of its Free Run range, Adidas CLIMAcool can simply be a great choice. I’m already in!


  1. Pleasant blog, I genuinely had a good time reading it

  2. When it comes to running, more comfortand more cooler,CLIMACOOL provides 360-degree cooling for the entire foot.

  3. Adidas ClimaCool are utilized in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications such as cooling, heat recovery, geothermal heat pump and etc.

  4. Adidas CLIMAcool sports shoes is made with lots of research. So that athletes don't even feel uncomfortable during running.

  5. comfort is most important in summer.

  6. shoe ranges are very fashion oriented.

  7. Nice technology introduces..isn't it?

  8. hmmm...Adidas is famous for innovations.


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