Friday, 18 May 2012

Watch— An essential style statement!

A man’s love for his watch is just like a woman’s love for her shoes. As she’s crazy about collecting the very stylish piece, so is he  when it comes to watches! I have seen it many a times among my co-workers, when they exchange links to exclusive watches and day dream about them. Silly people, they don’t work then! But then the hard work they put is searching the web for men’s watches! 

A watch is an exclusive accessory for men. Any guy purchasing a watch must make sure of the following things-
  • 1Your watch should match your lifestyle. It’s always better to have a different watch for both, work and play. As, at work, your outlook should be more professional and dedicated towards work, but on a weekend or a getaway, it should be more relaxed and funky.
  • 2 A bracelet or belt, you can go for. It’s advisable to opt for a stainless-steel or leather belt. They look both dressy and formal according to the occasion.
  • 3Your timepiece should be water proof. Today, you’ll find all the watches being manufactured are waterproof, but there’s no harm in being particular about one. As you’re spending, you have all the rights to question the dealer to make you aware about a watch’s feature.
  • 4Pick a colour that blends well with all your formal and semi-formal outfits. Many colourful and contrasting straps are available in the market to choose. Make sure you choose something that complements your attire and fits apposite to your look. You must check out trendy watches online, just to add more options to select from.


  1. Nice tips of wearing watch but watches are not being used much these days because of the mobile evolution.

  2. I love to wear watches only on some occasions and wear designer watches.

  3. Braned watches have become the fashion symbol

  4. bracelet cum watches are a good innovation.

  5. I feel great when people appreciate my style.

  6. I wear watches according to the situation and occasions.


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