Sunday, 29 April 2012

Formal wear for the working man!

For the working men, clothing is a typical set of formals that brings up their professional side with an integral aspect. But, then there are people who would be seen power dressed around your cubicles and add the hue of professionalism just more. Formal wear of men’s clothing definitely have kept on getting smarter. So, the question is how do you catch up?

A large factor of your formal dressing depends upon the size and style of your clothes. There would be specific sizes as we all know, but there are specific fittings as well. For example, the comfort fit, the slim fit, the regular fit, the extra-slim fit, even the skinny fit types. So in case you have been putting on a lot of weight recently and your annual appraisal time is nearing by, the comfort fir would be a must one for you. On the same note, if you have trained yourself too hard in the gym, a slim-fit shirt would give you a cool-working-guy looks.

Next comes the selection of shoes. Essentially, well-polished leather ones. The selection of formal shoes should be based on the standard of leather as you have to stay in the office for some 8-10 hours. If unsure about how to look for quality leather, always go for a reputed brand, such as Red Tape, Cobblerz, and Lee Cooper.

Keeping in mind that your dressing is the second you doing the talks and creating rapport, keep upgrading your style quotient as and when you get time.


  1. some good brands are there like Raymonds, Parx, Peter England and many more provide good formal wear

  2. formal dressing needs a little extra time to choose the right match.

  3. Black Leather shoes are best choice

  4. working at a Men's Formal Wear shop, we ALWAYS put the guys in ivory shirts

  5. According to me, A man looks better in formals than in casuals.


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