Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What’s your Signature Fragrance?

There are many brands in perfumes and each one of them has a wide variety in fragrances. But, what’s your signature smell? Which scent defines you better, and as distinct from others? There are various fragrance groups in scents for men like floral, spice, woody, fresh etc. They are all extended in different scents and fragrances with various combinations, retaining the essence of the family they belong to.
It’s not you should, but it’s good to have a smell that accentuates the crowd by your presence. A fragrance, which belongs to you and differentiates your personality.

While you make any of the fragrances your signature smell, make sure of these things-

a.    It should define your personality
b.    Consider your schedule and the place you dwell the most. If, you are at the office, make sure you choose for something that is chemically not irritating. Wear something light that is lower in intensity and doesn’t over-tickle other’s nose.
c.    Choose for strong fragrance, if you go clubbing or to a disco. It is needed because it attracts others, and when you pass by it gives a treat to the people’s senses.
d.    Never wear a strong fragrance on a hot humid day. Go for something subtle and pleasing.
e.    It’s always better to wear deodrant along with perfume, because that differentiates your fragrance than that of the others. Also, it makes it long lasting. You can buy perfumes and fragrances online for boys.
f.    A second opinion is always good. You must ask your friend from the opposite gender or the sales girl about your prospective fragrance, as it will help you make a better choice.


  1. Every season a new rash of fragrances hit the market.Whether you like fruity, floral, or the scent of the ocean itself its upto you

  2. fragrances are the main need of summer.

  3. I love Nautica blue in fragrances.

  4. Taking second opinion can be very useful

  5. Mine favorite fragrance is mild.

  6. Never use a strong fragrance on a hot day


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