Monday, 7 May 2012

Buying branded men’s shoes online

Internet has served as a great tool for communication and accessibility and its role in day-to-day life is ever increasing. In the past couple of decades, it also played an important role in payment processing mechanism as currency notes gave way to electronic and plastic money. Now, it is calling for another big change – the migration from windows shopping to online shopping. Not only it is convenient, it also saves a lot of time. For example in my case, I am happy to belong to such an age where I am at liberty to buy branded shoes through the web even on the weekdays, without ever taking time out from my office hours.

I had to purchase a pair of new running shoes for my morning jog and it was Wednesday, a full day’s work and more. ‘It would be difficult’, I thought. An hour later, while on Facebook, I saw an ad from a online shopping portal that was offering latest shoes for men across multiple brands. It occurred to me immediately that shopping for branded shoes online could be good idea. I clicked the ‘buy shoes’ link and there I was on a virtual branded shoes store. I browsed through Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok (all my favorite brands) shoes for men and booked my order for a version of Nike Air Jordon. I even checked out the latest Red Tape footwear products, who knows when might I need a pair of formal shoes, too.

I just came back from my morning walk with the new Nike shoes. Next thing on my shopping list are cuff links, for the annual office-party is just a week ahead. I know it would be easy buying, once again.


  1. Online shopping has actually made our lives easy, I prefer now as it is new, fresh and vibrant.

  2. Online Shopping is a best way of shopping, i would also like online shopping.

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  4. Buying Online branded shoes is a new craze in youngster as well as ladies in India

  5. Love the deal that is offered online.

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