Monday, 30 April 2012

Sports shoes for this cricketing season – Nike Airzoom

IPL season is on a full swing and the cricket fever on a high rise. This calls for all excitement and fun, but I am more thrilled about the local cricket tournament that would commence in a couple of days. In fact, I went out last weekend to buy a pair of cricketing shoes and to my joy, I found Nike offering its latest sports shoes series – Airzoom. Let me tell you it is just awesome and other members of my cricketing team can vouch for that, too. I know they would because as soon as they saw what I had bought, they went shopping for the same Nike series, hours after. Since the shop was already closed, they logged on to online shoe store to book their pairs of Nike shoes, for sure.

Nike Airzoom series offers five types of sports shoes – Century, Google, Opener, Pace, and Yorker. Just by the name you can tell, what they mean to convey. They all look different and have been designed in a way to match the temper of the kind they represent. For example, the Century model has been intelligibly given a number of ventilation spots as if aware that staying on the pitch for longer needs your feet to stay as comfy as it can get to. Being a fast bowler, I bought Pace that has broad collar for the feet to fall down liberally, each time I would ball.

How would you resist buying something that can become your signature style stuff? You won’t, I can hear you say!


  1. Excellent all round cricket shoe for the professional cricketer who wishes to improve his game. Stylish to look at in white, red grey and black trim and fully laced up rather than velcro. Shoes have spike heel and toe with six spikes on toe and four spkes on the heel area.

  2. I have starting playing indoor cricket, and have been playing on polished wooden surfaces, where grip has been important, especially when bowling. I found the Adidas Uproar to be very comfortable, although not specifically designed for cricket, although taking one on the foot from an indoor ball still hurts.

  3. Almost everyone in India follows cricket and shoes the cricketers wear attract youth.

  4. Every third person in India like cricket and cricket accessories.

  5. I went out last weekend to buy a pair of cricketing shoes and to my joy, I found Nike shoes its latest sports shoes series – Airzoom.


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