Sunday, 8 July 2012

Why Clothing?

Clothing is the covering that you wear to cover your body. Have you ever seen cows, cats, dogs, tigers, etc. animals except the pet ones wearing clothes? No, this is because clothing is restricted to human beings. Physically, clothing can serve many purposes like protection from several elements; enhance safety protection while performing activities like hiking, cooking and others. If you have been like the early man, you could have got insect bites, scratched from the rough surfaces and other things could have hurt you badly. Clothing provides protection from the day-to-day activities which might hurt us badly. Clothing helps to insulate against hot and cold conditions. You can protect your skin from harmful UV radiations and can remain hygienic, away from infectious and toxic materials.

Clothing has brought about a massive change from the time it came into existence. Today, we just don’t wrap ourselves in a piece of cloth but also have different cuts and styles to it. Who knew that there would be a day when skirts for women will be there or jeans for all, and formal suits for men. In earlier days the clothing style was not in sync with what we follow today, but was entirely different. Nowadays, clothing style is not stuck to gender classification but has risen above it. The trousers which were supposed to be worn by men have now changed its orientation and have become universal which exclaims that even women can also wear them. Stylize yourself in different looks and enjoy the new you!


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