Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fashion advice for moms-to-be!

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial phases in a woman’s life. The feeling of giving birth to a new life makes a woman excited and she feels complete. During this phase, there are many things that changes and one of them is the clothing style. Yes as your baby grows, you’ll need to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable so that the baby insideyou can also feel good. Fashion conscious ladies may feel somewhat upset, but fashionable maternity clothing allows you to wear your style even when you are pregnant. So to make a right choice with your clothes, read the most inspirational, fashionable, and easy going fashion tips for pregnant women:

     1)   The length of your dresses matters the most when you’re pregnant. Pick dresses like skirts that reach upto the knees. Anything going beyond that would make you look dowdy and shorter. When I say that you should not wear long dresses, it does not mean that you can wear too short dresses. Dresses just above the knees would help you look elegant.

2)     Soft and silky fabrics are just right to give a smooth fit to the wearer. Flowing fabrics help pregnant ladies feel comfortable.Wear a long women maternity top over the bootleg pant for getting a flattering look.

3)   Wrap style tops are also a good choice for pregnant ladies. Wear dresses with nice necklines so as to draw the attention towards your neck, shoulders, and face.

4)      If you’re pregnant that does not mean that you can’t wear patterns and colors, but avoiding picking the extremes. Add colors to your outfits with colorful scarves, bag, or a camisole layered under a soft cardigan.

5)  Wear long necklaces and big chunky jewelry to complement your ever growing baby bump.


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