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Classic Black Essentials for a Woman

Black is one colour that is simply known to complement any skin tone and the major fact why people, especially women prefer to wear black is that it makes them look slimmer. Black is versatile and classic in any form, be it a pair of jeans or a button down shirt.

While black is in limelight here, let’s have a look over the things a woman should have in black. There are certain basics which are best to be worn in black and also can be worn in variety of ways. Now if you are already taking a note of how many actual blacks you have in your closet, you will find it amazing to know that the things listed here are worth a splurge!

Black Top

On your usual office going days, when you feel like wearing just a top and a pair of jeans, a black top can be cheery enough to lighten your mood. Yes, in spite of being black, it will enhance your look and make you feel confident when paired with blue washed denims and a printed scarf in multicolours.

Black Scarf

Every woman has her scarf whether she wears it or not. Nowadays, one can see almost every other lady wrapping her face with a stole or scarf like a terrorist. The pollution and rising temperature has to be blamed.

Besides providing protection against dust, dirt and heat these scarves add a statement style to your simple look. Recently, ombre and animal print scarves have been selling frenzy. You can get a bunch of them and every time you step out in the sun make sure to carry one with yourself.

A simple plain top can look interesting when a multi-shaded scarf is teamed with it. You can also try different styles of wearing a stole and make it your statement style piece.

Black Necklace or Pendant

Out of five, three ladies are in love with jewellery pieces and they like to adorn their outfits with certain statement jewellery like a necklace or bangles.

Speaking of trend, shimmery, beaded and chunky neckpieces are much in fashion nowadays. If you are not too confident about carrying colourful ones or the junk jewellery is just too bling for you, try a simple black pendant. It will balance your overall appeal and also look sober with any colour you wear.

Black Spaghetti Top

At times you might have found it disturbing when you wear a shirt tucked in the jeans and it keeps on stretching at the buttons. This leads to unnecessary skin show and embarrassment. Well, you can avoid it from next time by simply putting on a black spaghetti top underneath your shirt.

Black Tube Top

Want to carry an off-shoulder chiffon dress but is worried about its transparency? Relax; a black tube top can fix it well. Just slip on a black tube top beneath your dress or strapless top to carry a carefree look.

Black Halter neck spaghetti top

Wearing a halter neck beach wear is not an easy job. I came to realise it when I got for myself, a halter neck dress but realised that it is too light and will be vulnerable when worn at the beach.

To solve this problem, I got for myself a halter neck spaghetti top in black and that worked wonders. I did not have to keep adjusting my wet halter neck dress every time and also after getting into the water, I was cheerful and the top played its part well in keeping me safe.

Black Bra

The most essential of all that is a must-have for every lady is a black bra. It is not just graceful and elegant but also avoids any unwanted attention. Plus the look you get is decent and beautiful. So, make sure to get one black lingerie set for a desired look.

Besides, who doesn’t want to feel confident and beautiful from within?
Black Heels/ Stilettos

Wearing shoes for woman is quite different than it is for men. With so many styles flooded in the stores being- wedges, stilettos, heels, gladiators, slippers, peep toes, flip-flops, sandals and what not; ladies surely have to get spoilt for choices.

Now if you have been wondering lately to buy one pair of shoes that will be your best friend forever, just try a pair of black pointed heels or stilettos. You will not repent buying it as this footwear will not just lift you up gracefully but will also be a perfect match for any of your attire- formal wear or party wear.

Little Black Dress

When it comes to partying, women just go crazy deciding and selecting what to wear. It is then that they realise that a black dress would have fixed up their problem.

Better to be late than never! Buy for yourself a black dress of your choice. It can be an off-shoulder knee-length dressor a little black lacy dress. A-line black dress will also be a perfect fit for an evening party. If you are in doubt, just go for a classic knee-length single piece dress in black that will suit all occasions. Just a bit of accessorising will glam up the look and you will be all set to go!

Considering the situations, you must have felt that sooner or later you are going to be in need of all of these. So assemble all the black essentials in your closet to keep you self-updated and well-dressed.


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