Monday, 2 December 2013

Unique Christmas Gifts for Your Special Someone!

Zingle bell, zingle bell…zingle all the way and it’s Christmas! The mentioning of Christmas alone brings to mind the sweet tinkling of Christmas bells, colourful balloons and ribbons, sweet chocolates and delicious eatables. Christmas is such fun; no one wants to miss it.

Every year my uncle who lives in Thailand, comes back to India to celebrate this festival and New Year with family and friends in India. Whenever he comes, that day itself is a celebration, because he brings with himself unique Christmas gifts for all the family members. It is also one reason why I love the end of the year so much. The arrival of Christmas brings with it so many good things and especially a big family gathering with precious Christmas and New Year gifts.

But before his arrival and planning for coming to India, my uncle would call me and ask for opinions on Christmas gift for women of our house. He says it’s difficult to match their expectations and that women of our family are not to be impressed so easily. I rather take it as a compliment. But I must say that his Christmas gift ideas are very fresh and trendy. I loved the platinum jewellery set which he brought last year for me.

He is coming next week and will be staying for a month, so I am already so excited. But then I am also a bit confused as he called me last night asking for suggestions for Christmas gifts for wife. Yes, when it comes to his wife, he can’t really think of a thing to gift her and make her happy. She is a lady of such fine taste. Anyways, I am still thinking of creative gifts for Christmas for her.


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